Find a host family

You are a foreign student planning a studying stay in Toulouse, France. AcTIF helps you to prepare your stay and to find an accommodation by a host family.

You wish to live a unique experience and a real French immersion? Subscribe to our program and stay with a French family, in Toulouse.

AcTIF supports you before, during and after your stay.


You fill in the online form. Upon receipt of your form, we will send you a quote. You sign it and return to AcTIF, along with your deposit of 50 € to pay the opening file fees. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will send you the detail concerning your hos family (address, photos, description  ...)

If you need a certificate of accommodation, we will ask you to pay the full cost of accommodation for the concerned period.

The association ACTIF does not issue leases. The host family is not a rental housing. It is a process of discovery and  immersion in the culture and the French langage.



For payment of benefits, payment can be done: 

  - by bank transfer to our account (note all transfer costs are at your expense): send us a message to receive our bank details