Families FAQ

What is AcTIF?

AcTIF is a non-profit organization. It connects international students with French host families in order to promote linguistic and cultural immersion of those students.

Who are the HOST FAMILIES?    

These are families who have requested to join the Association AcTIF. They were selected because:

• They have a fairly large family home, with at least one bedroom booked for students, and providing hygiene and optimum comfort;
• they have unreservedly adopted constraints and quality requirements set out in our Home Charter, which defines the basic principles of quality accommodation, mutual tolerance, mutual respect governing stays of residents in host family through AcTIF.

The family structure is not an essential element in our selection. Single women, couples without children and large families can host. The minimum age is usually 25 years, with no upper limit.
Motivation to meet other cultures and the desire to establish a tolerant and respectful reception are fundamental.

How to become a host family?

You contact the association and then you complete the hospitality form. 

AcTIF will contact you to arrange an appointment to meet you and visit your house and the rooms available for the students. 

AcTIF can also answer your questions during the interview.

Who will I host?  

AcTIF receives foreigners of all nationalities, without age limit.

Our guests are often students coming to follow a program in a university, high school or language school.

AcTIF also receives trainees in professional courses.

There may be individual or group application.

What type of accommodation do you offer?

AcTIF answers to individual or group requests (see: they trust us)

Generally, applications are for adults. Sometimes group applications can be for youth persons (between 16 and 18 years) 

AcTIF does not place minors in individual home. 

There are two types of accommodation: single room or double room. 

AcTIF offers several options for individual intakes (see our rates): 

Sometimes, to respond to the request of organizations, we have the following formula: half board host during the week and full board during the weekend.

Our charter states that the host family informs the association of the presence of other guests at a host proposal so that students / trainees of the same mother tongue do not live together.

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. For group requests, contact us.