Stays testimony

Isabella / Italy

Here is the first message of Isabella on this website, July 19, 2011:

«good afternoon.I am looking for an host-family beacuse I would like to attend a french course for foreign students by the "Institut Catholique de Toulouse from the biginning of september to 21 december.could you help me, please?kind regards.isabella s.»

Isabelle was speaking a few French when she arrived at Michèle and Patrick’s. Besides, Michèle and Patrick were speaking neither English nor Italian.

Today, Isabella received her results to the DELF (level B2) test: she passed. Congratulation!

Toulouse, February 21, 2012. AcTIF

Tracy / Brazil

Tracy sent a message to AcTIF in late July 2011, in emergency.  He was admitted to do his master degree at the Capitole University, and needed to find a place in Toulouse as well as a proof of accommodation. Fortunately, Fabienne and Georges, who were in vacations, had their computer on. They said: OK for welcoming Tracy form September to December and for providing the proof of accommodation. Tracy got his visa and stayed four months with Fabienne and Georges. Now, he is part of a student colocation. 

Toulouse, January 26, 2012. AcTIF

Groupe Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie GmbH / Germany

The German agency is responsible for retraining.

Sometimes, some interns have to learn a foreign language. That’s why, 6 to 10 weeks stays are organized in France. Those stays include French course, internship, and since October 2011, accommodation in host family. 

"Before, students were staying in hostel for young workers but contacts with autochthones were not as rich as those with the families."

Especially when the families, found of rugby, initiate their host to rugby games.

Toulouse, November 20, 2011. AcTIF

Fellows education / Spain

In July, 45 Spanish stays in Toulouse and its surroundings.

Since 2 years, this program has returned in Toulouse

These young people between 16 and 18 years invade the family lives throughout the month, with laughs, Sevillanas and French learning. The stay ends with a great party with all the host families and young Spanish, before a tearful farewell in front of the bus going back to Seville.

See you in July 2012!